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Aug 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
-- you got it. u.s. cities, $800. leonard again. what is louisiana? good. u.s. cities, $1,000. once virginia's capital, this city has made sure to keep its colonial feel. leonard. what is jamestown? no. tori. what is williamsburg? williamsburg is the city, yes, and you move into the lead. i'll take fictional females for $200, please. alex: leonard. what is "pirates of the caribbean"? you got it. females, $400. leonard. what is "skyrim"? "skyrim," yes. all right. short story, $400. tori. what is a twist? twist, correct. short story for $200. leonard. what is a setting? you got it. yearbook, $200. jordan. what is forgotten? that's it. yearbook, $400. jordan. what is ta-ta for now? yep, made you smile on that one. [ chuckles ] go again. yearbook, $600, please. jordan. what is summer? yes. yearbook, $800. jordan. what are digits? digits, yes. and yearbook, $1,000. leonard. what is cool? no. tori or jordan? jordan. what is hot? no. [ beep ] "what is sweet?" stay sweet. all right, we have jordan at $4,000, trailing tori by $800. leonard will be going first in double jeopardy! right after
Aug 22, 2013 5:00am EDT
incredible video out of take a look at this incredible video out of louisiana... camera's were rolling... as a sinkhole swallowed up a group of trees. the sinkhole first appeared in this assumption parish waterway last year... prompting a mandatory evacuation. since then... state and federal agencies have been monitoring it. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((traffic reporter ad libs)) ((traffic reporter ad libs))map 40 map map 40 map green map harford coming up... coming up... keeping kids safe... during the afterschool hours. 7 things parents are now being urged to do. we here are all such innovative people, so i am telling you...if you want to change the world, you're at georgia tech, you can do that! plus it's the speech... that's going viral. we'll show you the surprising way it ends... minutes from now. ((break 2)) the most crucial hours of the school day can be after the bell rings. as kids make their way home from school or to sports and activities... safety should be a priority. this morning karin caifa gets expert advice on how parents and students can make
Aug 16, 2013 7:00pm EDT
. alex: michael. what is louisiana? yes. word origins -- $400. kate. what is ambulance? yes. states by lake for $800. colby. what's ohio? right. word origins -- $800. michael. what is "d'oh"? [ laughter ] yes, you did that well. word origins -- $1,200. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] let's do $2,600. okay, here is the clue. jimmy? this term for the part of a fair or carnival where sideshows and other amusements are located comes from the site of an 1893 expo held in chicago. what is the boardwalk? no, i bet you colby would have gotten this. "what is the midway?" the midway. all right, you drop to $5,000. you and colby are tied for the lead. go again. word origins -- $1,600. [ beep ] and that word is ombudsman. back to you, michael. let's finish off word origins -- $2,000. kate. what is umami? you are right. states by lake for $1,200. michael. what is michigan? yes. states by lake -- $1,600. answer -- the other daily double. kate: wow. colby: man! [ laughs ] [ applause ] alex: colby and kate moaning because you found both daily doubles and you have a slight lead of $1,200, michael.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3